Far from the buzz and the luxuries of a metropolitan city lie the backwater villages of the Uva and Southern Provinces, home to some of the most impoverished people in Sri Lanka.
A revolution is sweeping through endash doctored by the Ministry of Rural Economy and funded by a US$ 40 million World Bank soft loan endash to empower the community to drive development in the villages.rn

rnThe initial phase of the Rural Poverty Reduction Project (PRRP) is set to take off on June 15 in Kuruvitahena, a little village off Badulla. rn

rnThe project, part of governments Poverty Reduction Strategy will promote community participation in development of infrastructure and other facilities for their villages. rn

rnInitially 24 villages will participate in the pilot, where the communities will propose projects for development, draw up proposals and submit for approval and funds. rn

rnUpto 70 per cent of the project cost will be granted through the scheme, with the remaining thirty percent coming from

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