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The telecom watchdog is working on a set of emergency short codes and value added service codes that will work on any network.
Fire, police, ambulance, directory assistance and fault reporting are among the services that will be available on short code and will be in place after the ongoing ten digit number change due for completion by November 8 this year. rn

rnThe three digit emergency short codes will follow regional and telecom standards offering a familiar set up for foreign visitors. rn

rnThe emergency code will connect to the closes regional centre from the dialling location. (if the call originated from the Kandy area it will connect to emergency services in Kandy, while dialling from Galle will connect to services in that region)rn

rnOperators value added service codes will have four digits and will be unique to each network. rn

rnThe Telecom Regulatory Commission has identified four emergency codes, with provisions to add three more services to the list. rn

rnOperator short codes w

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