ComBank adds QR code to Credit Card statements


The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has become the first bank in Sri Lanka to enable its credit card holders to conveniently and instantly settle their credit card outstanding by scanning a QR code appearing on their monthly credit card statements.

The Bank has announced it is now printing a unique QR code on each statement which can be scanned through the ComBank Q+ App, Sri Lanka’s first QR based payment app under LANKAQR, the ComBank Flash app, any other QR payment app that supports LANKAQR standards, or any application that supports the Mastercard QR or Visa QR apps.

This development eliminates the need for cardholders to enter their Credit Card details during the payment process, making it more convenient, the Bank said. Customers are only required to cross check whether the six-digit Credit Card account number that appears once they scan the QR code on the statement is accurate.

While any amount equal to or greater than the minimum payment amount can be entered and settled, customers can also pay their total outstanding bill in this manner, the Bank said. This feature enables customers to pay their dues from the safety of wherever they are without having to visit a Bank branch.

Commercial Bank Credit Card holders can avail of this facility at no extra cost and will be notified of their payments instantly via SMS or email.

The Bank said this initiative supports the Central Bank’s ‘Ratapuraama LANKAQR’ programme launched recently to introduce LANKAQR as the way forward for mobile phone and digital payments countrywide.

Notably, Commercial Bank was also the first Bank in the country to enable QR code payments to settle Credit Card dues by scanning a QR code appearing on the Commercial Bank website.

The first Sri Lankan Bank to be listed among the Top 1000 Banks of the World and the only Sri Lankan bank to be so listed for ten years consecutively, Commercial Bank is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The Bank, which won more than 50 international and local awards in 2019, operates a network of 268 branches and 875 ATMs in Sri Lanka.

Commercial Bank’s overseas operations encompass Bangladesh, where the Bank operates 19 outlets; Myanmar, where it has a a Microfinance company in Nay Pyi Taw; and the Maldives, where the Bank has a fully-fledged Tier I Bank with a majority stake.   

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