Communal Records

Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

The population registry is touted as a first step in implementing e-governance in Sri Lanka and forming an integral part of the e-Lanka initiative. rn

rnThe registry will combine state records of the Sri Lankan population now idling in different state departments.rn

rnThe database will provide all state departments with ready access to records needed to process most applications requesting for population services like national identification cards and driving licences. rn

rnA Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) sponsored consultant is here to propose a workable model, also meeting local stakeholders on February 7 to ascertain their needs. rn

rnThe meeting will also give the consultant meat to produce an e-governance policy and action plan.rn

rnThe consultant speaking to Lanka Business Online said it was also important to take a detailed look at specific areas and projects while looking at an overall policy. rn

rnThis, he say is key to implementing large-scale e-governance projects.