Compassion Measure

Aug 05, 2014 (LBO) – A regional consultant who works with mainly multinational businesses in South Asia and the Middle East says he wants to measure compassion in Sri Lanka business, after initiating the process in Pakistan. “I want to go deep and see how Sri Lankan organizations are different from Pakistan, even if they are multi-national, to understand the different dynamics and how people think,” says Farhad Karamally, head of Navitus (Pvt) Ltd, an organizational development consultancy.

The firm has offices in Pakistan and Sri Lanka and works with multinationals such as GSK, Coca Cola, Telenor, Novartis and others, Karamally said.

Karamally had developed a tool to measure ‘compassion in the workplace’ based on the principles contained in a Charter for Compassionbased on the work of Karen Armstrong, a British-born researcher and writer on religious history and inter-faith understanding.

The charter had been developed with inputs from contributors around the world following a prize winning 2008 TED speech by Armstrong.

“So they got together and created a charter, which tells how important it is to be tolerating differences, respecting diversity, h