Contingency Plans

National carrier SriLankan Airlines said on Thursday, it has cancelled all flights to Kuwait and re-routed flights to its European destinations with immediate effect due to US led attacks on Iraq.
Flights to other Middle East destinations remain unchanged, but all flights to Kuwait will terminate at Dubai, the airline said in a statement.rn

rnSriLankan said extra flight time has been added to the European sector, as flights are being re-routed to avoid the conflict zones. SriLankan flies directly to London, Paris, Frankfurt and Zurich.rn

rn”This may add some time to flights that are being rerouted but will mean that the airlines aircraft are well away from any military activity,” SriLankan said. rn

rnOther contingency plans include alternative measures for uninterrupted fuel supply and necessary insurance covers, the statement said.rn

rnSriLankan recently raised airfares by US$ 10 per sector to cover rising fuel costs. Airfares to India went up by US$ 5 per sector, while an additional US$ 10 wa