Copycat Law

Officials say the draft act that will protect ownership rights was completed early last year and is now pending parliamentary approval. rn

rnAn attempt was made last year to ratify the draft act through parliament, but failed due to the political changes halting parliamentary proceedings. rn

rnThe act will put in place a regulatory body with a Director General heading operations. rn

rnInfringement of ownership rights is a common sight in Sri Lanka and the base of a multi million rupee industry.rn

rnUnofficial estimates price the industry at over Rs. 4 billion a year. However, this figure is expected to be much higher if photocopying for redistribution, use of brand names and a host of other third party practices are included. rn

rnSoftware, entertainment, educational content and design are top pirating commodities. rn

rnReasons touted for the boom in copyright infringement and pirating include the high cost of such material and the availability. rn

rnGovernment and private sector officials are r