Country Roads

Dialog hopes to launch the project towards the end of the year in a tie up with local payphone operators in un-serviced areas. rn

rnCompany officials said the payphone system could be set-up with minimal effort, as it only requires a basic payphone interface and a pre-assembled black box that contains a receiving and transmitting device and a solar power antenna for self-power generation. rn

rnDialog CEO, Dr. Hans Wijeyasuriya said the company had not begun negotiations with local payphone companies to set up the rural telephony operation. rn

rnHowever, the only concern company officials had was the call tariff, which is between Rs. 50.00 and Rs. 140.00 at present.rn

rnldblquote We are in negotiations with Thuraya officials to offer a reduced tariff for the payphone system.

rnHowever, company officials said call charges could be reduced by up to 40 US cents if they were awarded an international voice licence.