Crude Plan

May 23, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will re-start its 50,000 barrels per day refinery on May 24, after getting a stock of Omani light crude, petroleum minister Anura Yapa said. Yapa said the shipper had said they were having engine troubled and could not deliver the stock in time.

The refinery hit by US sanctions prevented Sri Lanka from importing light crude oil from Iran.

The refinery has been built and fine tuned to operate on Iranian light and Sri Lanka was struggling to find suitable feedstock for the refinery.

“We are testing many types of crude,” Yapa told reporters Wednesday. “An Omani blend was the best we could find. But the yield (of light distillates) is still low compared to Iranian light,” he said.

He said officials were now testing Nigerian and other crudes to find if they could be used.

The refinery was closed earlier this month after a stock of crude was delayed.