Custom Built

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 23, 2006 (AFP) – Google announced on Monday that bloggers and website operators were free to customize its powerful search engine and put it on their Internet pages complete with money-making ads. Google Custom Search Engine provided online tools to tailor query boxes for websites or blogs in a guided step-by-step process its creators promised would take only minutes.

“This is a new direction for Google,” group product manager Shashi Seth said in a telephone press conference. “We are opening Google’s search platform.”

People customizing search engines can select which sites they want scanned and have the option of reaping a percentage of the online advertising that arrives with query results, according to Google.

Schools, non-profits and government organizations that customize searches for their sites using Google technology can have the advertising blocked.

Soccer fans could customize website search boxes to scan sites related to the World Cup; cancer support groups could focus searches on medical resources; or movie star lovers could target celebrity gossip.

“Custom search engines empower community,” Seth said. “What is more powerful than finding information on your website a

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