Cut The Cut Throats

Telecom watchdog – the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) – is getting advice on identifying and handling dominant players, which is key to effective competition in the industry.
Singapore based Spectrum Strategy Consultants have been picked to help the TRC formulate a set of guidelines for the purpose also expected to help in regulating anti competitive behavior.rn

rnUnder pressure from the industry, the telecom watchdog is in the process of putting together rules to prevent competition stifling moves in the industry. rn

rnTRC could soon get the help of a foreign consultant to help with the task.rn

rnIdentifying the dominant telecom players will help the regulator in making rulings on contentious issues like interconnection among networks.rn

rnThe final report by Spectrum Strategy is expected to be out in two months. rn

rnThe consultants, engaged by the Economic Reforms Ministry will recommend procedures in the identifying and handling of a dominant player. rn

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