Data Transfer

Dec 14, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT), the island’s biggest fixed line operator, has increased broadband speeds for customers after upgrading its international internet capacity and improving links with service providers, a statement said. SLT added more than 80,000 new broadband (ADSL) customers during this year, connecting people from all parts of the country. The international internet backbone capacity serving SLT broadband customers has been increased by 30 percent and now data transfer speeds of over eight gigabits per second.

“SLT has improved its direct connectivity to global ISPs in Asia, Europe and USA as well as to the high rating social networking, web application and video service providers to offer improved internet and broadband experience to Sri Lankan customers,” it said.

“The changes in bandwidth control have increased the average data rates enjoyed by our customers by more than 200 percent, resulting in vast improvements in access to information and application performance.”

SLT said that as a result of these changes its total internet traffic volume increased by more than 30 percent in just one month.

œOur customers have told us that they wanted improvements and we have responded positively with s

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