Dec 08, 2012 (LBO) – A parliamentary committee from which opposition members walked out, has found Sri Lanka’s chief guilty of three out of five main charges made in a motion signed by ruling party legislators. Parliament is expected to hold a 10-day debate over issue.

Reports said given the gravity of charge on which the Shirani Bandaranayake had been found guilty of, it was not necessary to examine wither there was substance in other charges.

On the last day, a series of witnesses were called to the inquiry, after the chief justice and her lawyers walked out saying no witnesses had been provided to cross examine.

They were also handed over nearly a thousand documents and asked to respond the following day, lawyers for the chief justice said.

Opposition members of the panel walked out saying due process and natural justice was denied to the chief executive.

Sri Lanka’s main lawyers association – the Bar Association of Sri Lanka – has already protested the move and is expected to meet to decide on future action.