DIMO launches German-certified Automobile Mechatronics course



Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO), one of the leading automobile companies in Sri Lanka, will beoffering a three-year course paving the way for students to obtain a German qualification in Automobile Mechatronics. Accredited by the German Chamber of Commerce, this is the first time such a course is offered in Sri Lanka.

Automobile Mechatronics combines the mechanical, electrical, electronic and information technology aspects of modern motor vehicles into a single discipline.This is the first time that the German Dual Vocational Training model is offered at this magnitude in Sri Lanka. Dual Vocational Training combines on-the-job training with technical studies from the very beginning, ensuring that students graduate with already well-honed practical skills. This system also ensures that the student’s education is always in line with what is demanded by the industry. As a result, Germany experiences the lowest youth unemployment rate in the European Unionwhile the country’s renowned technological superiority is mostly attributed to its successful vocational education system.Those who graduate with a German-certified qualification in Automobile Mechatronics would have ample employment opportunities within Germany, the European Union, and globally.

The course will be conducted by a specialized team certified by the German Chamber of Commerce at the company’s state-of-the-art DIMO Academy for Technical Skills (DATS). Established in 1990 under the guidance of Daimler AG, DATS is the first and only training institute in Sri Lanka to offer a course in Automobile Mechatronics since 2015. On-the-job training will be at DIMO’s state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz, TATA, Bosch and Construction Machinery workshops. For those individuals willing to pursue higher education, the German qualification framework allows certificate holders to progress to the level of “Meister” (i.e. Master craftsman; similar to a bachelor’s degree), a bachelor’s degree in Engineering at a University or become a certified Engineer through a higher vocational school in Germany.

Expressing his views, Ranjith Pandithage – Chairman & Managing Director of DIMO stated, “In recent years, automobiles have reached a level of complexity and sophistication beyond the capabilities of a regular technician. This advancement in technology is increasing day-by-day and as a result, qualified automobile mechatronics professionals are in high demand worldwide. Through DIMO’s pioneering Automobile Mechatronics course, we are giving students the opportunity to acquire skills and competencies that are highly sought after.This unique opportunity will be open to a selected few per year and DIMO is in search of young men and women who are passionate about automobile technology and driven to meet the challenges of this demanding qualification program.”He added that the qualification will open doors for employment in globally reputed companies as well as empower graduates to become innovators and entrepreneurs.Needless to say, as one of the ‘Great places to work’ in Sri Lanka, DIMO is ready to absorb the best performers of the course into our team,” he added.

For the past eight decades, DIMO has been offering Sri Lankans the world’s best engineered brands and has always maintained close ties with German industry. Renowned for its long-standing partnerships with over 80 world-class brands including Mercedes Benz, Bosch, MTU and Siemens, DIMO is committed to produce technical professionals ready with technology of tomorrow. In keeping to its tradition of being a pioneer in the industry, this latest endeavour by the company is set to revolutionize vocational training in Sri Lanka.

More information of the newly launched course can be obtained from dats@dimolanka.com

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