Divide and Conquer

SLT officials failed to disclose the number of entrants, but said they had received a very favorable response from leading consulting firms.rn

rnSenior officials added they had not decided on a time frame for the restructuring process but would be finalizing the implementation process soon after the shotlising of consultants was completed.rn

rnMeanwhile, industry sources say seven of SLT
quote s key operational areas are likely to be spun-off under the restructuring process. rn

rnUnconfirmed reports state that the seven areas could include domestic, international, internet, directories and installation among others. rn

rnSLT officials commenting on the possibility said a number of measures were discussed, but would not see the light of day if consultants fail to recommend them. rn

rnThe restructuring comes at the juncture when SLT will loose its monopoly hold over the international voice gateway in August this year. rn

rnThe Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) earlier this year said the