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Sept 14, 2011 (LBO) – e-Channelling, a listed Sri Lankan dotcom enabling patients to make appointments with doctors over the internet, is “aggressively” promoting the service outside Colombo after a sharp increase in bookings when it expanded its hospital network. The company said it is also looking to inject about a billion rupees into a newly formed subsidiary, ECL Soft, under which it aims to place all its non-healthcare sector ventures.

“The company is aggressively promoting its channeling solution out of Colombo, where the company believes there lies an enormous potential for the product,” e-Channelling chairman P Kudabalage told shareholders in the firm’s annual report for 2010-11.

“Patients in these remote areas find it problematic and tiresome to obtain access to quality healthcare. Our company is assisting such patients by presenting a simple and straightforward solution.”

Chief executive Asanga Karunaratne said the number of appointments with doctors booked by patients through its service had increased sharply last year after it expanded the number of hospitals on the network.

“We have expanded our hospital partner network by 53 percent which has helped to facilitate an increase in our total bookings by 31 percent.”

Last year, th

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