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Donald Trump launches campaign for second term with vow to ‘keep America great’

Jun 19, 2019 (LBO) – US President Donald Trump formally launched his 2020 reelection campaign Tuesday in Florida vowing to maintain his ‘America First’ policy.

He railed against illegal immigration and promised mass deportations and pledged to negotiate a winning trade deal with China, or walk away altogether.

“We just completed the deal with South Korea. We’re working with Mexico and Canada we have to get the Democrats to approve it we want it to be bipartisan,” he said.

“I spoke to President Xi of China this morning and we’ll see what happens we are going to have a good deal and a fair deal or we’re not going to have a deal at all and that’s okay too because we are taking in billions and billions of dollars into our treasury,”

“Companies are leaving China because they want to avoid paying these large tariffs and by the way when the fake news tells you that you’re paying in the case of China they’ve devalued their currency that helps them,”

“What else they’re doing they’re subsidizing those companies and you’re not paying very much if you’re paying anything at all the case of China.”

In a long speech, he attacked the media as “fake news media” and described Democrats as a “radicalized & angry leftwing mob” trying to “erase” the 2016 votes of his supporters.

His campaign launch at a packed 20,000-person arena raised questions about his ability to reclaim the narrative of the 2020 campaign.

Florida will be one of the key swing states in 2020 if Trump is to defeat the nominee chosen from a field of 23 Democratic hopefuls.

The kickoff rally followed months of work by the Trump campaign to get its operations up and running well ahead of the general election.

The Trump campaign has also begun to look toward other states where it sees opportunities, such as Minnesota, Nevada and even blue states such as New Mexico and Oregon.

Full Speech – Video

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