Double Digits

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) says it is on track to implementing the Caller Party Pays (CPP) regime in January 2003.
The process will scrap all charges for incoming calls on mobile phones, by transferring the cost to the party originating the call. rn

rnThe TRC however promises that charges to call mobile phone would not be raised significantly. rn

rnThe TRC is also forecasting a 100 per cent growth in the mobile industry under the CPP regime. rn

rnHowever, telecom industry sources say the process has been on the cards since 1999 and still has many issues to be ironed out before a working system could be rolled out. rn

rnIssues that could hamper the process include agreements on interconnection tariffs and network upgrades to accommodate a CPP regime. rn

rnThe government in October appointed consultants to draw up an interconnection framework. Officials close to the process told Lanka Business Online in November that a draft outlining the interconnection strategy is due