Dud Ball

Professional service sectors are trying to drum up support to push for amendments that will re-define the scope of the new Consumer Affairs Authority Act. rnrn
Passed in Parliament in January, the Act has been heavily criticised for making a sweeping generalisation of controls available for all services as well as traders.rn

rnThe Act was hauled over the coals at a recent seminar organised by Corporate Management Consultants, this time from mainly the professional services.rn

rnThe ink has barely dried on the law with calls to pull it out and make serious amendments to re-arrange and re-define its scope.rn

rnThe Act is a combination of the old Consumer Protection Act, the Control of Prices Act and the Fair Trading Commission act.rn

rnA new authority combining the Fair Trading Commission and the Department of Internal Trade is to also get off ground in April this year.rn

rnThe difference is that this time around the authority has more teeth with the powers to regulate as well as investigate wi