Economic Impact

September 18, 2009 (LBO) – The 28th LBR-LBO chief executive forum debated the economic impact of public interest litigation, with a four member panel made up of legal and private sector representatives. Presentations were made by Rohan Samarajiva, head of LirneAsia, a think tank and a former telecom regulator, Preethi Jayawardena chief executive of Chemanex, Chandra Jayaratne, former chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, K Kanag-Isvaran, President’s Counsel and Arittha Wikramanayake, precedent partner of Nithya Partners and former securities regulator.

The discussion was moderated by Shamindra Kulamannage, producer of Lanka Business Report. (More related links at the bottom of the page)

The following is the text of the speech delivered by Arittha Wikramanayake, precedent partner of Nithya Partners and a former securities regulator.

I must admit to you that I am not as passionate or disturbed as some of you, on this issue. This is not the first time that these issues have arisen, and it certainly won’t be the last.

The present agitation, as far as I see it, is fuelled by three judgments, each dealing with transactions that are definitely not of the same kind or qualit

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