EFutures develops an AI-driven weight management system

EFutures is a boutique software product engineering company that focuses on technology companies. For this project, our client’s goal was to enable effective weight management, while also combating obesity and other ailments associated with weight problems.

Inspiring healthier lifestyles through changing behavioural patterns was a bold undertaking, especially since many complex parameters are involved to connect weight with a host of other ailments, both chronic and acute. From biological factors to individual medical history, making sense of all relevant data to reveal actionable insights was an important milestone to be achieved, in the pursuit of meeting this challenge.

The strategy to build such an application included multiple components from both technology and usability standpoints, with AI being an important constituent. Building a proprietary algorithm was the first undertaking, which, being powered by AI, is capable of identifying fluctuations in weight. Other medical parameters pertaining to weight fluctuations are also considered, in order to provide a comprehensive analysis.

This is further leveraged by connecting a variety of endpoints to the main application, which track and transfer data for an array of vital, health-based parameters to offer a numberless weight management system. Listed below are three key features included in the application:

  • Predictive

The application’s AI-powered algorithm forecasts weight two weeks in advance, ending the frustration of short-term weighing results.

  • Personalized

Fitness/wellness professionals, automatically and based on medical science, personalize their remote programs to motivate their clients.

  • Data-driven

The application’s online reports reveal program adherence, the impact on a population’s health, and contributes to health programs’ decision-making.

Once development was completed, EFutures conducted pilot tests for the application in fitness centres as well as corporations across the United States. Following positive feedback and successful test results, the application was then further expanded in the United States, and also introduced in Brazil and the Netherlands.

While this AI-driven weight management system has been geared towards professionals in the healthcare and fitness industries for monitoring weight and related parameters of clientele, easy accessibility from any mobile device offers unmatched versatility – and the potential to scale further. As a result, the next sequence to this project includes the development of numberless bathroom scales, which can offer access to optimized weight management solutions at the comfort of one’s own home. By connecting numberless scales to IoT or mobile devices via Bluetooth, this weight management system will be capable of providing the same calibre of results, by monitoring vital signs such as pulse rate, glucose level, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Collectively envisioning a healthy society through effective weight management, EFutures is committed towards building technology solutions that are equally effective at battling various health issues which impact our world today.

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