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Euro 52.1 M assistance from Netherlands for construction of rural bridges

The Rabobank of Netherlands has agreed to provide Euro 52.1 Million financial assistance to construct approximately 250 steel bridges island wide especially in the rural areas. Mr. S R Attygalle, Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs signed this Credit Facility Agreement today on 26th November at the Ministry of Finance.

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The Government has accorded high priority for connectivity improvement within the country with a view to providing full benefits to the remote villages from mainstream development activities in the country.

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Accordingly, the Government is planning to construct 4000 bridges in rural areas to establish connectivity for transportation.

A large number of lagging villages will be connected with transport facilities through this project which will, in turn, facilitate easy access to market, education and healthcare facilities to villagers.

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This project will be implemented by the Ministry of Provincial Councils, Local Governments and Sports.

(Issued by the Department of External Resources)

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