Evaluating Reforms

Dr. Harsha Cabral PC

Government projects are not always evaluated, and when they are the evaluations are not taken seriously. As a result failures are unaccounted for and future approaches unaltered.

A national policy for evaluation of programs and organizations is expected to help. rn

rnldblquote First of all a national Policy on Evaluation has to be done. A clear commitment to look at impact and to take decisions on resource allocation when (the expected) impact is not there,
dblquote says Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte.rn

rnHaving a policy does not necessarily assure best results. Public administrators the executors of state projects often get blamed for failure. rn

rnSpeaking at a recent national conference on Evaluation, he said that public officers should be given more space to function independently.rn

rnldblquote If you are going to evaluate the performance, be fair by the people who execute them- the executives, the managers. Give them the environment in which they can work according to their conscience