EXIM Malaysia sees expanding investments with Sri Lanka

Oct 16, 2014 (LBO) – Malaysian Export Import (EXIM) bank said that they are looking at opportunities in investing and helping with the rapid economic development in Sri Lanka. We are very much delighted to be here, Adissadikin Bin Ali, President and the Chief Executive of EXIM Bank Malaysia said.

I have seen very impressive development over the past few years since my first visit to your country,

Now this time when I step out from the airport I saw the highway which is very impressive. Before when I came to your country in 2007, going out from airport to Colombo city was quite a mess,

There were lot of check points within every 100 meters and army barriers. My stay here back then was not that impressive. Because all I knew was the airport and the hotel. I didn’t know beyond that. Because it was too scary.

Sri Lanka ended 30 year Tamil tiger war in 2009.

Bin Ali said that Sri Lanka’s above average economic growth of seven percent together with prudent policy efforts at all levels in recent years has placed its economy on much firmer ground, which found world attention with a growth story that remains an inspiration to the

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