Expensive Business

Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

Business Development Services or BDS are support services offered for SMEs, providing start-up, non-financial assistance. rn

rnOver the last 25 years the BDS market expanded rapidly reaching double-digit growth in the 90s, driven largely by the commercial sector.rn

rnldblquote The 80s was the decade of the government sector providers, in the 90s it was the NGOs. Since the mid 90s its the commercial sector that has take over and this is the trend that is likely to continue
dblquote , says team member of the ILO, Andreas Klemmer.rn

rnWhile the spread of support services has been rapid, island wide, commercial BDS providers do however crowd in cities and the more vibrant Western Province.rn

rnThe market place is also crowded. 75 percent of all BDS organisations claim to provide a wide spectrum of training and consultancy services, the survey reveals.rn

rnBut more often, the wide majority focus on mainly the agriculture from the cultivation of crops and rearing of cattle and less on industry.rn