Extended Banking

Earlier ABN Amro has been able to constantly maintain an impressive ROE of nearly 30 percent on profit after tax around Rs. 150 mn. High ROE
quote s are a common feature among foreign banks that cater to a niche market in Sri Lanka.

Due to high restructuring expenses following the takeover, the figure is expected to be considerably lower than the normal trend.

Wickramaratne told Lanka Business Online in an interview today that, ldblquote performance of foreign banks that operate only in a confined market cannot be directly compared with local banks which have to cater to a wider market
dblquote .

ldblquote Our strategy is to arrive at a balance between providing an attractive return to shareholders and need to invest to expand our customer base. We are aiming to provide an above market return by local standards
dblquote , he added.

NDB Bank is currently developing its medium term strategy with the assistance of external consultants. New market segments in retail banking market are been evaluated for e

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