Fast Track

SLT has tied up with Alcatel to upgrade its network with ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology, amid mounting demand for speedy data and Internet services.

rnADSL turns ordinary telephone lines into high-speed digital channels and allows access to the Internet and multi-media services at up to 10 times the speed achieved across copper telephone lines.

rnADSL has also been touted as a more affordable alternative to cable television and fibre-optic hookups since it uses existing telephone lines.

rnrnldblquote Our ADSL capacity will give users a connection of up to 1.5 Mbps for uplink and 512 kilobits for downlink,
dblquote CEO Shuhei Anan told a media briefing.

rnCustomers are not required to take out a new phone line. Instead, the existing copper line will be split on either side to accommodate telephone voice and Internet services.

rnOnce the testing period is complete, SLT plans to offer ADSL in Colombo covering Colombo Central, Slave Island, Maradana, Havelock Town, Kotte, Nugego

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