Final Call

Sri Lanka Telecom is moving towards a two-tier tariff band to encourage people to talk more and pay less.
The proposal forms part of its bigger plan for a 15 percent overall tariff increase.rn

rnThe telecom giant submitted its fifth and final tariff-rebalancing proposal to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) last July.rn

rnSLT also wants the government to allocate monies from the Vishva Grama Fund (telecom development fund) to continue to subsidise its low user customer base. rn

rnWith competition heating up from private carriers, SLT is scrapping its three-tiered tariff billing system with a less complicated two-tier structure. rn

rnUnder the new two-tier structure a flat fee of Rs. 2.85 per unit will be charged for units consumed less than 1000. Subscribers who use more than 1000 units will be charged Rs. 2.55.rn

rnLine rentals will be Rs. 500 (for business users), Rs. 300 (for residential customers) and Rs. 80 for religious institutions.rn

rnNew connections charges will be