Final Cost

Telco firms on Thursday agreed on a set of termination charges, setting the stage to launch a caller party pays (CPP) regime by September.
However, Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has said it would agree to CPP on condition that the regulator resolves a number of its concerns including approval of its long over due tariff revision. rn

rnDirector Economic at the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) Palitha Gunewardene confirmed that SLT had put forward a number of concerns before it agreed to implement CPP.rn

rnGunewardene says the Commission will meet next week to resolve SLTs issues. rn

rnIt is understood that SLT is also unhappy with the termination rate recommended in the cost study initiated to resolve discriminatory rates conjured with little base and now being completed. rn

rnFor SLT, the study has recommended the lowest rates for calls terminating on its network. rn

rnThis, according to industry sources does not cover some of SLTs costs. rn

rnThese cost were previously covered by i