Fired Up

The Samurdhi movement came under fire for being over politicised and for its mediocre track record by a committee set up to review public institutions.
But Samurdhi Director General Sunil Navaratne says the authority is being restructured with performance related targets being set to both employees and bank branches.rn

rnPerformance will be judged on the sole criteria of how many families are graduated out of poverty.rn

rnThe Samurdhi authority set up by the previous government for poverty alleviation became a powerful political tool with about half the families in the country getting benefits.rn

rnSunil Navaratne the Director General of the movement says that things are being changed now. A new performance evaluation scheme will require all 27,000 employees of the authority to fall in line.rn

rnldblquote We have developed this method and now it is being implemented. There is opposition from some quarters. I have told them that if they do not fall in line I will sack them,
dblquote says Nawara