Four new papers on Sri Lanka’s constitutional reform published: CPA

Apr 21, 2017 (LBO) – Sri Lankan policy think tank Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) said four working papers on constitutional reform have been published that discuss several topics relevant to the current reform process.

The working paper series by CPA addresses topics such as the unitary state, choosing the prime minister in a parliamentary system, the bill of rights and its enforcement, the electoral system, the parliamentary-constitutional state, and devolution issues.

In “A Constitutional Court for Sri Lanka? Perceptions, Potential and Pitfalls,” Dr Tom Gerald Daly asks, what promise does the possible establishment of a constitutional court hold out for Sri Lanka in the context of the ongoing constitution drafting process?

The paper also asks, what can we expect a constitutional court to deliver that an alternative (e.g. reform of the Supreme Court) cannot deliver.

Two further papers by Kåre Vollan and Luwie Ganeshathasan, and Rohan Edrisinha discuss a Mixed Member Proportional system and the role of the Member of Parliament in a democracy.

In “‘Specialist in Omniscience’? Nationalism, Constitutionalism and Sir Ivor Jennings’ Engagement with Ceylon,” Dr Asanga Welikala considers the historical lessons that might inform contemporary constitution-making in respect of models of Sri Lankan nationhood and constitutionalism.

The papers can be viewed here

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