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Freedom Concerns

June 23, 2012 (LBO) - Friday Forum, a Sri Lankan citizens group has expressed concern over further deterioration of rule of law and religious freedom three years after a 30-year civil war ended.
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"Three years after the end of the war, we are deeply concerned about the continuing violent political culture, the deterioration of our national institutions and the undermining of our religious, cultural and social values," citizens group said in a statement.
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"In recent months, the pluralist character of our society has been strained by polarising forces.

"Instead of rebuilding inter-ethnic relations and inter-religious dialogue the Government and our political leaders have, through their commissions and omissions, contributed to their deterioration.

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The group said an attack on a mosque in Dambulla in central Sri Lanka was a case in point.

"The police merely watched and failed to act as thugs disrupted Friday prayers, vandalising the Mosque and threatening to demolish it," the Friday Forum said.

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"This clear demonstration of a breakdown of law and order, an issue of continuing concern, has met with silences and confusing messages from Government and public officials.


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