Fuel Test

Aug 02, 2011 (LBO) – Petroleum products imported into Sri Lanka are unloaded and distributed only after they are tested and meet the required standards, a government statement said. “Petrol, diesel, and kerosene are unloaded from the tanker only after carrying out tests and verified by independent surveyors prior to distribution,” Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminals Limited (CPSTL), a common user storage facility, said.

“It is certified that the petroleum products issued at present are within specifications,” it said.

The statement came after complaints by motorists that vehicles had been damaged by the use of substandard petrol distributed by state-owned Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

The sale of substandard fuel caused an uproar among motorists and led to the resignation of a senior petroleum ministry official.

The CPSTL statement said import and distribution of all types of fuel are done under the supervision of the two chairmen of the CPC and CPSTL.

“Any supplier of fuel, including Emirates National Oil Corporation, are subject to laboratory tests and they will be issued only if within specifications,” it said.

“We confirm that the fuel issued from

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