Fuelling The North

The World Bank is taking a new approach in lending to the poor.rn

quote s letting the people decide where they want donor money spent. rn

rnIn the war ravaged north and east the needs are pretty basic.rn

rnPeople want school buildings for their children to study in, irrigation ditches to water their crops and roads to get the produce to market. rn

rnThe World Bank wants to help these communities by letting them decide what their most important needs are and giving them what they want.rn

rnldblquote Instead of asking the government, we ask the community, mobilize the community- community organizations exist, village communities- you discuss with them and tell them lquote work among yourselves, decide what are the most important things you need for your village,
dblquote World Bank Country Director Peter Harrold says.rn

rn”One of the biggest problems in development is leakage. The money starts at the World Bank it goes to the ministry, it goes to the provincial government and then to the commu

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