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Aug 17, 2011 (LBO) – Residents in Sri Lanka could enroll as fulltime students of University of Ballarat in Australia through a study centre in Colombo under an education service deliver structure implemented for the first time in the island, officials said. The Sri Lanka centre is run by the Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC), which operates campuses for University of Ballarat in several locations in Australia.

The process where students complete the degree in Sri Lanka is being offered in the island for the first time.

“A student who comes to the centre is a direct student of the University of Ballarat, this is happening for the first time in Sri Lanka,” ATMC chief executive Manish Malhotra said.

“They are not ATMC students, ATMC is just a service provider for the University in this country.

“What it means is that a student who enrolls here gets a university ID card, offer letters degrees from the university. So they can transfer to any Ballarat location in the world if they want.”

But students at the study centre can complete their course without moving out. The centre will have Sri Lankan lecturers visiting lecturers, supplemented by Australian lecturers.

Rowena Coutts, deputy vice chancellor of the Univers

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