Sri Lanka will have its first 3G frequency auction in April, a limited exercise which will offer three slots in the 1800 MHz range.
The auction will also be limited to the four mobile operators, who will make closed bids for the three slots. rn

rnTelecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Director General, Themia Hurulle told Lanka Business Online that a floor price of US$ 100,000 had been fixed.rn

rnldblquote We are waiting for a Cabinet Appointed Tender Board to be put in place before we call for bids,
dblquote Hurulle said. rn

rnThe move heeds to calls from the mobile operators for allocations of frequency in the 1800 MHz range to roll out broadband and 3G services. rn

rnTRC officials hope to offer more frequency in the 1800 MHz range for commercial use later this year when a report on spectrum is released in May. rn

rnIn December 2002 the international consultants endash D J Associates were appointed to study Sri Lankas frequency spectrum, with a final report due before May 2003. rn