Green Rain

International donors wrapped up the two-day Tokyo parley pledging over US$ 4.5 bn in aid over the next four years to rebuild Sri Lanka.
The amount includes US$ 1 bn each from Japan and the Asian Development Bank and US$ 293 mn from the European Union (EU).rn

rnThe US$ 4.5 bn package spread through to 2006, exceeds US$ 3 bn that the government was hoping to get over the next three years. rn

rnBut donors stressed the aid would be linked to progress in the peace process, and expressed regret over the LTTEs boycott. rn

rn”In view of the linkage between donor support and progress in the peace progress, the international community will monitor and review the progress in the peace process,” the final declaration said.rn

rnFull compliance with the cease-fire agreement, effective protection of human rights, and the conclusion of an agreement between the government and rebels on a verifiable “de-escalation, de-militarisation and normalisation process” are among the conditions for the release of the prom