July 27, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has not paid some owners of land acquired by the state for infrastructure for 25-years, and a total of 8.5 billion rupees remains unpaid for property taken to expand roads, an official said. Vokes said the guide was developed with the help of Sri Lanka’s Road Development Authority. The experience of the authority in building a highway to the island’s South was used.

Karannagoda said it was vital to implement the guide and if Sri Lanka had quickly settled compensation people would have been more willing to give up their lands.

“In some cases the land is kept to give as a dowry for their daughter,” Karannagoda said. “In my opinion we should give 150 dollars to a land that is worth 100 dollars.”

Quick redress of grievances helped complete projects quickly and reduce cost escalations, officials said. There were social and environmental concerns raised by affected people as well as complaints about delays of paying assessed compensation.

Sri Lanka’s environmentalists are currently protesting a new road being cut through the island’s Wilpattu natural reserve by the state.

When ADB funds a project it will also entertain complaints if the complainant has first gone to the S

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