H One launches machine management solution for apparel industry

Nov 19, 2018 (LBO) – H One, a IT solutions provider, launched Res.Q| MI; an all-encompassing machine management solution designed with both large and small-scale factories in mind.

Res.Q Machine Inventory is a revolutionary new asset management solution which leverages the capabilities of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for the management, protection, and maintenance of one of the most vital assets of the apparel industry: its machinery.

The apparel industry is in a state of rapid change, where speed and efficiency are critical to a manufacturer’s success.

Any setback in the functioning of its equipment is certain to incur severe losses – losses that with the right technology, can be significantly curtailed.

One of the critical issues related to factory equipment in the apparel trade, is the efficient management and identification of its machines.

Although the exchange of machinery between facilities – on a ‘loan’ or ‘rental’ basis- is a common practice across the industry, there has never been an efficient mode of automating and optimising these processes to productively monitor these movements.

As a result of poor asset management, the production facility is at risk of incurring phenomenal expenses, effectively holding back the entire business with this loss.

Res.Q|MI  is designed specifically to cater to such scenarios in any factory environment; facilitating the easy tracking of machinery -with just a click of a button- irrespective of where the machine is located at the time.

Each machine is assigned a specific uniquely identifiable NFC tag which contains information, from the machine’s unique ID, its transaction history, break downs and service records.

The machine management solution includes smart notifications, rent-in and rent-out calculations, as well as complete visibility of available machinery, allowing for manufacturers to exhaust all available machinery before resorting to renting machinery.

With Res.Q Machine Inventory, facilities will be automatically notified once a machine has completed its rental time period.

Res.Q Machine Inventory also aids the commerce of the apparel industry with machine maintenance, for manufacturers can now ensure that their machinery is functioning at its optimal performance and also monitor a detailed record of its maintenance and service history of every machine.


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