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Hambantota port has high potential to boost tourism sector: Capt. Carsjens


Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port has potential to boost the tourism sector of Sri Lanka, Marco Carsjen, cruise ship Captain, MS Rotterdam said.

He said the Hambantota port was also famous as a green port, among tourists. “It is easy to access the port for the ships of this size. It is nice experience for us and it is a good location for more cruise ships. If you want to experience this part of Sri Lanka you need to be stay for several days here and visit South-East coast,” he said.

“The Hambantota port will give an experience to the people who want to experience something from Sri Lanka other than Colombo and its surroundings.
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Many of them were enthusiastic to visit Hambantota port and the tourist destination in the area and specially to see the wildlife.” The ship left the Hambantota port by last night. The ship belongs to the Netherlands and measures 238 meters in length. It has a staff of 600 employees and can carry 1176 of passengers. The cruise ships next destination, Thllawa in Myanmar.
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7 years ago

Not a white elephant, then? Good.

7 years ago

LOL , when has a visitor said anything bad about a port-of-call???

if u need a tourist port / marina , Galle would have been the ideal. what the hell would passengers do once the ship is docked in hambanthota?? what is there to see or buy ???

Galle on the other hand is a world famos city with world heritage sites and a lot of shopping and dining options.

the best option for hambanthota would be to become a transshipment port like Dubai or Salalah (Oman)

7 years ago
Reply to  expat

Travellers in cruise ships are very rich. They do not want any shopping in Srilanka ? . They have been to London-NY-Paris.
Food is plentyful in cruise ships. May be want to taste some local food, they just want to visit sites & relax.
I wonder whether there is anything to visit in Habantota other than Yala.

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