Hear Us

The system of policy and law enactment has come under fire, for its lack of transparency and closed-door attitude to open discussion and consultation.

rnrnIn a statement issued by the trade chamber, ldblquote If the private sector is to be considered the engine of growth, then it is imperative that the business community be informed of law and policy in the making.

rnrnldblquote’85. It is imperative that they have both, adequate rights of participation in making decisions that affect their businesses and the right of audience with the decision makers
dblquote , the release said.

rnrnBut despite constant lobbying, various interest groups endash the chambers of commerce, trade associations, academics and even the general public are often not involved in the whole decision making process.

rnrnThe chamber suggests adopting the British system of publishing discussion and consultative papers such as green and white papers, on government policy and impending legislation.

rnrnThese issue statem