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A national level disability policy is on the cards, with the Ministry of Social Welfare spearheading a task force that will draw up a framework by December this year.
To this end, disability issues in Sri Lanka and ways in which the disabled can be involved in development projects, are being thrashed out at a national level workshop that got off ground Thursday.

rnrnThe two-day workshop hosted by the Asian Development Bank will mainstream disability issues and poverty reduction among the disabled population in Sri Lanka.

rnrnAbout 10 percent of the population is estimated as being disabled, though insufficient statistics and the lack of a proper survey has made it difficult to arrive at a more realistic estimate for Sri Lanka.

rnrnldblquote As in most developing countries, in Sri Lanka as well, disabled people are overly represented among the poor. About two thirds of them are unemployed and are more susceptible to economic shocks like what Sri Lanka is going through right now
dblquote , says A

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