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More Indian nationals are flocking to the Island than ever before, stirring up the local industry to shift part of their resources to accommodate the growing numbers.
So what would over 90,000 Indian tourists do in Sri Lanka? A recent Tourist Board study was looking for the same answers as they prepare to attract more of our Indian neighbors to vacation in Sri Lanka. rn

rnA recent Tourist Board study is the first step in the process to attract more Indian visitors. rn

rnThe study found that Indian travelers found a lack of Indian and vegetarian eating outlets along with inadequate sign boards in English at tourist attractions and transport terminals. rn

rnThe findings also showed that outside board and lodging, Indian tourist spend about 19 per cent of the travel budget at restaurants, bars and other food and beverage outlets. rn

rnBoard and lodging takes up about 52 per cent of the per person average of US$ 420 spent by Indian tourist, the study said with shopping coming in at third place with

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