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State-run housing giant, the Housing Development Finance Corp. (HDFC) is hunting for more cash to meet is Rs. 2.0 bn loan disbursement requirement.rn

rnChief Executive, C A Sarathchandra says the current economic revival has created a big appetite for low and middle-income houses.

rnrnWith the corporation
quote s loan disbursements, presently averaging around 1,000 per month, HDFC is well on its way to cross the 10,000 applicants mark by end 2002.

rnrnldblquote The demand is phenomenon. There were 9,980 applicants in 2001 and 3,330 in 2000. We estimate there is a 600,000 unit hosing demand till 2004 with 90 percent from low-mid income houses,
dblquote Sarathchandra told journalists on Thursday.

rnrnWith monthly recoveries averaging around Rs. 70 mn, HDFC earlier this year, estimated that they would require around Rs. 1.3 bn to disburse new loans. But an economic upturn has prompted the corporation to scratch off its original estimates.

rnrnOver the year
quote s HDFC has sought concessional Asian De

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