Home Sweet Home

House ownership is on the rise but experts say the country is far from meeting the demand of 70,000 new units needed annually. Policy makers are however trying to kindle a boom in the sector by clearing legal bottlenecks and making housing more affordable.
A housing drive in the late 80s took development and infrastructure to the backwoods of the country.rn

rnHouse and land ownership numbers shot up in these areas as well as in the city where apartment blocks started to change the skyline.rn

rnBut the vision of the Premadasa government to provide housing for all by the year 2000 was not perused.rn

rnWith little government help it was left to the markets to meet the housing demands.rn

rnCritics say after years of struggle the housing market is showing the first signs of a pickup.rn

rnSome small companies are creating the market not just through regular brokerages, but by taking them on to the web.rn

rnA new website Lanka Properties.net has changed the face of house hunting. rn