How can a business achieve continuous growth and stability?

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(PRESS RELEASE) – ezBiz App is an all-in-one solution offered to help small and medium scale businesses achieve
growth and stability.

thinkCube, which is a SaaS vendor offers ezBiz App as a service for small and medium scale businesses and is proud to announce the fact that ezBiz is currently one of the first SaaS product targeting SMEs (small and medium scale enterprises) to achieve 100 customers.

With ezBiz you do not have to spend time or money on hired help on installation. Simply logging into your ezBiz app account will allow you to get started. Since ezBiz App is a pay-as-you-grow modeled cloud solution, you do not have to worry about future proofing or expensive upgrades in the coming quarter.

Your ezbiz App account will automatically be upgraded to the latest version without any additional costs. It’s part of the solution.

The primary modules provided within the ezBiz app includes;

● Purchasing – Handles Purchasing activities such as purchase orders, purchase returns, payment vouchers and managing of creditors and many more to help purchasing needs to be done smoothly.
● Inventory management – Maintains a comprehensive database of the inventory. It creates strategic stock re-order levels as well.
● Handling of sales – Handles Sales activities such as creating Quotations, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes, Invoices, Payments & Returns.
● POS (point-of-sales) – An integrated Point-of-Sale (POS) solution to handle everyday sales at the checkout counters.
● JOBS management – Compiles a number of different activities into a single job or customer order.
● CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – The CRM Module helps the sales & marketing teams stay up todate with latest client activities to manage and grow. This tool also helps enhance customer loyalty levels and build a loyal customer base by helping to identify and analyse each customers behaviour specifically.
● Accounting – Comprises of simple, fast and easy to learn accounting experiences. This consists of all the core accounting functionalities a small or medium business would need.

For the lowest Price in the market.
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