Hurry up

Pramuka Bank Stakeholders Association is urging Central Bank to quickly give the information required by Janashakthi Capital for their restructure proposal, before the firm loses interest.
ldblquote The more the Central Bank delays, the more difficult it will be to do anything,
dblquote says Stakeholders Association President Sunimal Dabrera. ldblquote These people may also lose interest.

rnCentral Bank responded to Janashakthi Capitals first restructure proposal saying a capital injection in excess of a billion rupees was needed to revive the bank, but said the regulator was prepared to discuss the issue further.rn

rnJanashakthis proposal does not include a capital injection but does include a reduction in liabilities, where debentures are converted to equity.rn

rnJanashakthi also required more information about the actual current financial status of the bank.rn

rnThis week Janashakthi wrote to Central Bank asking for a face to face meeting at the earliest.rn

rnMeanwhile, the Bri