IDU Chair Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper demands Sri Lanka parliament be opened

October 31, 2018 (LBO)

“We are witnessing the breakdown of democracy in Sri Lanka”

The International Democrat Union is following the latest developments in Sri Lanka with grave concern. On Friday, October 26, 2018, Sri Lankan President Sirisena removed Prime Minister Wickremesinghe from his position. This move has been widely denounced as unconstitutional.

The IDU stands with its member, the United National Party of Sri Lanka, and the country’s rightful Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe. The measures taken by President Sirisena are clearly baseless and illegal.

IDU Chairman Stephen Harper stated: “We are witnessing the breakdown of democracy in Sri Lanka. This is disgraceful in that the government of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe has fought to preserve one of Asia’s oldest democratic systems, to uphold the rule of law, and to fight against corruption. The lawful government of Prime Minister Wickremesinghe must be restored without further delay. The IDU also demands that the Parliament of Sri Lanka be reconvened to allow the democratically elected representatives of the Sri Lankan people to perform their duties. Only through the constitutional, parliamentary system of Sri Lanka can the country be saved from this perilous situation.”

The IDU urges all parties act in full accordance with Sri Lanka’s constitution, to refrain from violence, to follow due constitutional processes, and to respect the independence of institutions, including freedom of the press.

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