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South Asia is home to a quarter of the worlds population and a quarter of the worlds reserves of major minerals but the rest of the world knows little about the regions collective face of SAARC.rn

rnldblquote When you say EU people immediately recognise the grouping. Not so with SAARC. SAARC needs to have an image, an identity and right now its not there,
dblquote says the team Leader of the EU-SAARC Trade and Investment Project, Peter OBrien.

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rnIn Europe this low awareness is even more telling in terms of trade.rn

rnEuropes business community, now spread out over 25 European countries, is for the most part unaware of trade beneficial developments in the region endash including the moves towards a free trade area.rn

rnFor instance ldblquote The Business public is uninformed with respect to the SAARC process, especially the move from SAPTA to SAFTA,
dblquote says OBrien. rn

rn ldblquote Within the EU there is little knowledge of SAARC as an organisation. As another Asian formation there is

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