Income Re-distribution

Mar 03, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s fishermen would get more subsidies from tax-payers to offset an increase in fuel prices following a presidential order, the state information office said. The information office said a monthly subsidized kerosene issue will be increased to 375 litres from 250 for small fishing boats.

Larger diesel driven boats would get another 100 litres of subsidized fuel.

Before the latest increase, fisheries minister Rajitha Senaratne said earlier that effective February 15 large multi-day boats of which there were 3,720 in the country will get 2,500 litres of subsidized at a cost of 30,000 rupees a month.

Multi-day boat owners have also been freed from income tax for five years, from last year, he said.

One day boats, of which there were 876 will get 1,500 diesel litres a month costing 18,000 rupees.

Small outboard motor boats, of which there were 19,034 were getting 250 litres of kerosene at a cost to the tax payer of 6,250 rupees a month.